Equipment Fabrication

Snow plow welding and fabricationOur Fabrication started many years ago when Gord graduated High school. His parents bought him a miller arc welder as a graduation gift, which is still in our shop today! When Josh grew older, Gord taught him to weld by building go-carts and fixing broken equipment. Our skills continued to evolve from the excavating and snowplowing service. We continue use our welders to fix our broken excavation equipment which saves on overhead and down time having to schedule repairs at an outsourced shop. Recently we took fabricating to a new level building our snow pushers that attach to our loaders and back blades that attach to our pickups.



What our Customers are Saying
“Always trustworthy and reliable. Great customer service in both snowplowing and construction”
–Gary Torno, Allendale Public Schools
“Vruggink and Son have done an amazing job managing snow removal for us. They are prompt, thorough and complete. They are proactive with communcation and respective of people and property, and always courteous. I enjoy and respect Vruggink and Son and would recommend them to anyone.”
-48 West Maintenance Manager, Jack Engelsman