Commercial Excavating Grand Rapids MI area

Our responsiveness and commitment to high quality also sets Vruggink and Son Excavating apart from the commercial competition. School site work, drainage projects and underground services are a few of the services we provide. Packaged together with our other services, Vruggink and Son Excavating is capable of providing versatile commercial construction solutions. Allendale Public Schools, Hudsonville Park Elementary and Ottawa County Drain Commission are three of the many respected businesses/organizations we have served.









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What our Customers are Saying
“Always trustworthy and reliable. Great customer service in both snowplowing and construction”
–Gary Torno, Allendale Public Schools
“Vruggink and Son have done an amazing job managing snow removal for us. They are prompt, thorough and complete. They are proactive with communcation and respective of people and property, and always courteous. I enjoy and respect Vruggink and Son and would recommend them to anyone.”
-48 West Maintenance Manager, Jack Engelsman