Residential Snowplowing Grand Rapids

Our snowplowing services cover multiple capabilities, from lot clearing, to sidewalks and ice control. Because we are an excavation company, we drive pickup trucks and use loaders. We use our pickups to plow residential driveways and help our heavy equipment with large parking lots. We offer seasonal and per push driveway contracts. We are committed and qualified to keep your driveway maintained whether there is 2” or 20”! Let someone who loves snow and respects your property take care of your driveway!





What our Customers are Saying
“Always trustworthy and reliable. Great customer service in both snowplowing and construction”
–Gary Torno, Allendale Public Schools
“Vruggink and Son have done an amazing job managing snow removal for us. They are prompt, thorough and complete. They are proactive with communcation and respective of people and property, and always courteous. I enjoy and respect Vruggink and Son and would recommend them to anyone.”
-48 West Maintenance Manager, Jack Engelsman